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Co-working Spaces: A Trend or Here to Stay?

The Upsides and Downsides Of Coworking

Co-working spaces are a newer concept, relatively speaking. Born in the 90’s to bring like-minded individuals to the same working office, co-working spaces tend to house many different types of businesses and teams.

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What's A Coworking Space And Why Would I Use One?

A coworking space is a work oriented space in which you can rent designated desks, and use the different amenities or shared areas at a lower cost than an entire office suite. Coworking spaces are ideal for companies that want to enable their employees to work closely together on projects. The idea is that projects are meant to be worked on together as a whole, rather than each person working separately in their own cubicles. It makes sense to work together, but many workspaces are not designed with collaboration in mind.

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Are Startups The Only Types Of Businesses That Thrive In Coworking Environments?

As a coworking space, we see a ton of different types of people come in and out of our work environment. This gives us the wonderful opportunity to meet people from different industries, with different backgrounds and titles. We love getting to know our co-workers and finding out the fascinating journeys that have brought them to where they are today.

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3 Reasons Why Remote Workers Should Join Dublin, CA’s Premier Coworking Space

Is it just me, or is contract work becoming more and more prevalent in recent years? As our society shifts into an almost completely online world, more jobs are starting to become flexible about where they’re actually located. Designers, writers, editors, marketing professionals...the list goes on and on of positions that in the past were required to be in house, and are now free to move about the country, as long as they have a strong internet connection.

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Why Coworking Spaces Are So Perfect For Bay Area Business Owners

Coworking spaces are one of the many changes that have been appearing in the modern business world.  As our society becomes more intwined with the internet, the need for a traditional office space is becoming a thing of the past, and people are starting to search for new solutions that better fit their needs.

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