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As The World Becomes More Digital, So Do Employees….

Mar 21, 2023 13:42:54 PM by

 Views on how the workplace generally looks are rapidly changing. The world is becoming more accessible on a global level than ever before. Coworking spaces are filling up, and incubators are becoming the home to many of the world’s most life altering inventions.

Remote work is becoming incredibly popular. A 2017 Gallup study found that 43% of Americans spend at least some time working remotely, as opposed to a traditional office setting. This is a 4% increase since 2012, and trending shows that there isn’t much chance of it stopping.

There are so many benefits to the growth of remote work. For one, technology and remote work allow people from across the globe to work together, even if they’ve never met in person. This means you have more of a shot at finding the perfect person for the job or partnership you’re looking to fill.

Working remote tends to cut out all the parts of work that aren’t necessary, so that you can focus on getting more work done, the way you do it best. This means that if it’s a beautiful day outside and you know that you do great work in the sun, you can move to a park with your laptop to do some creative writing work. If the next week, you’re working on a project that requires intense focus and dedication, you can go to a coworking space and hunker down until the task is finished. Remote work allows people the freedom to figure out the best environment for them to work in, which is part of the reason it tends to increase productivity. In an experiment by Nicholas Bloom, remote workers worked 9.5 % longer and were 13% more productive. As you can probably guess, more productive employees turn higher profits for their companies.

While there are some pitfalls of working remotely, such as not having a separation between your work and home life, outside-the-box solutions are being quickly put into place, such as coworking spaces that provide remote workers a centralized location to get work done when they need to focus.

There are a ton of ideas online about how to make remote work...work for you. It might take a couple weeks to work out the details, but once you figure out the best way to work, remote working is sure to increase your productivity and make you an overall happier worker.