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Are Hotels the Only Place to get Meeting Room Rentals?

Posted on Oct 14, 2014 4:48:00 PM by Ryan Ring


You have a meeting. It’s short notice. You need a professional setting. What are your options?
When it comes to business, there is no substitute for hosting your meetings style.  The following article includes a few options for those considering a conference room rental and/or meeting room rental.


Hotels are one place to consider. Usually this is a pricey option if you are renting an actual meeting room and not just meeting for coffee or a meal. Meeting rooms at hotels usually have minimum charges by the hour or by the day and if Internet is needed, there can be a stiff per person wifi access charge. If your meeting is going to run into lunch time or later, most hotels require that you purchase food and beverages from them at steep prices. Parking may be an added charge and if your meeting is, in fact, sudden, and for only a few people, it may be a challenge for your guests to find you in a large hotel without advance meeting room signage.


There’s always Starbucks. But Starbucks isn’t necessarily the professional setting you need. It can be a mixed bag of soccer teams, moms with toddlers, and the otherworldly  business person staring blankly into space while seemingly talking to himself as he carries on a conversation over a Bluetooth connection. Noise and a disconcerting and disconnected gathering of occupants don’t provide an optimal setting for a business meeting.


Business Lounges, Conference Rooms, and Day Offices are features of many Executive Suite Business Centers that may be the most affordable and professional option for you. Business Lounge memberships are available at Business Centers on a monthly basis allowing members to drop in without a reservation as well as book a private day office by the hour or by the day, subject to availability. Conference room rentals, fully equipped with the latest technology, range in size for gatherings of 4 to 20 people, often on short notice.


Advance notice is always preferable to secure the space you need, but life’s opportunities don’t always unfold so neatly. Developing a relationship with a good Business Center can mean you and your associates get the greeting, space, and professional setting that can make all the difference to getting your work done best.


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