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Are There Disadvantages to Coworking Space?

Posted on Sep 26, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

are-there-disadvantages-to-coworking-space.jpgThere is an old saying in this world: “there is no free lunch.” It serves as a reminder that everything has a cost, even if it isn’t inherently visible at first. For instance, remember when Oprah gave away all those cars? It’s been immortalized across the internet and been fodder for comedians, but it also made news for unintended consequences. Turns out, the car recipients were on the hook for some hefty taxes. See: no free lunch. Or car.

So although we love coworking space and see it as the future, it isn’t perfect – what could be? There are a few disadvantages to this kind of setup. But depending on who you are and the type of work you do, these might not be disadvantages at all.

Let’s discuss so you can see what I mean:

  • Possible Disadvantage: Lack of Constant Privacy

A private office comes with a great accessory: an office door. Because that door can be closed, and you can work in solitude all day if you like. And for some folks, that’s the kind of setup they need.

But how often does that describe your situation? Would it matter if a couple of folks were working quietly next to you during the day? Is that really much different from working in an office with cubicles? We don’t think so.

  • Possible Disadvantage: Nowhere to meet

Even the president needs office space for meetings, but he’s got a whole house. What about when you use coworking space? How do you meet with clients?

Depending on the location you select, this might not be possible. But here at the 580 Executive Center, we have private space available as needed. And if you want to make private phone calls, we have cushioned phone booths available as well.

  • Possible Disadvantage: No social interaction

Have you ever been to Happy Hour with a friend who works from home? You might find them unusually chatty, which makes sense; they haven’t had any human interaction all day!

When you work alone or in a coworking space, you lose some of that camaraderie you find in a traditional office. But here, we do have a full espresso bar and conference table for taking breaks or eating lunch. So if you need to shoot the breeze a little, you can find some friendly faces here.

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