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Can I Afford a Coworking Space in the Bay Area?

Posted on Aug 14, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

coworkbayarea.jpgWhether you own your own business, or you’re a freelancer, or you work from home, you may have begun to consider a coworking space. When it comes to value, we’re all looking for how to get the best bang for our buck.


Why rent a coworking space in the Bay Area when you can work from home? Won’t it be much more cost effective to keep my home office rather than renting a coworking space? The answer to these questions isn’t an easy one because honestly, it depends.

Coworking spaces will save you money over a traditional office 

As an entrepreneur or a freelancer, you’re probably always looking to save money. But saving money doesn’t mean you have to cut corners or sacrifice quality.


When you rent a coworking space, you can do so on a short-term basis. There are no long-term leases to sign. Also, they frequently offer amenities like free coffee and parking, which are two expenditures that can add up quickly.


If you’re a one-person operation, or you only work from your home, renting a coworking space can be a boost to your income. How? By adding credibility to your services. That brings us to our next point.

You’ll look more professional

As a business owner, you want to look like you know what you’re doing, and that you have the credibility to stand behind your services. Meeting clients in your home office or the local Starbucks doesn’t always send the most professional message. Have you ever tried to hold a meeting while shouting over a barista? It's not that great.


Also, can you guarantee your internet connection is reliable at a coffee shop? Not so much, which can mean major frustration if you’re trying to hold a Skype call.


A Coworking space has high-speed Internet, as well as phone rooms, and meeting rooms that you can rent. You’ll come off looking like the professional you are, putting your clients and investors at ease as well as giving them confidence in what you do. 


Consider offices outside of San Francisco


Are you interested in coworking but know you just can’t afford the space in San Francisco? The Bay Area can be a big place when you consider the range of cost in office space. Because, depending on where you rent, prices can vary widely. If you rent in downtown San Francisco, for example, you’re likely to pay much higher prices than if you rent in Dublin.


Where you rent your coworking space is ultimately up to you, but if you don’t live in San Francisco, there may not be a need to commute to your office in the city.


Are you interested in learning more? What about taking a tour? Contact us today and see how a coworking space can help you do more, for less money.

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