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Can't Afford Your Office Space Anymore? Look Into Virtual Office Space

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 9:53:07 AM by Ryan Ring

cant-afford-office-space-look-virtual-office-spaceAs the economy has finally rebounded from the unforgiving recession, property values have risen to near pre-2008 levels. And when property values go up, leases become more expensive, too. In San Francisco, the average office lease price is now $45 per square foot, up more than 8 percent from last year.


If you find yourself no longer able to afford your office lease, why not consider a virtual office? A virtual office can provide many of the same amenities and services of a full-time office, but at a much more affordable rate.


Use only what you need


With a virtual office, your rental is on your terms. Think about the work that needs to be done in your business. Does it all really have to be done at the office? Can you accomplish things from home? If you have employees, can they work remotely?


If this describes your business, then a virtual office is a no-brainer. You can rent an office for as little as a few days a month, for when you absolutely need to get your team together for a big project or to get organized. And if it turns out that you need the office for a longer period, you can extend the rental as you see fit. It’s extremely flexible.


Your business still has a home – and it won’t be your home


You might be worried that without a permanent office, your business won’t have a proper home. And if you don’t have a business address, what will be the public face of your company? A PO Box? Your own house?


Well don’t worry, because with a virtual office, you also get a virtual address: and although your time in the office itself might be part-time, the address belongs to your business full-time. You can feel free to put the address on your business cards and paperwork, and rest assured that all of your mail and packages will be safely stored at the office for whenever you need them.


But wait, there’s more


There’s another major business benefit to a virtual office: a virtual receptionist. The receptionist is an employee of the building, but works for you. The receptionist will answer your business’ calls and forward them to you when needed, and is always available during regular business hours. You get the benefits of an additional employee without having to hire anyone else.


So if that office lease has become unmanageable, there is an alternative available to you. In this age of internet dominance, traditional offices are becoming unnecessary expenses. Switch to a virtual office now and you’ll save money, without sacrificing productivity.


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