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How Coworking Helps With Creating Company Culture

Posted on May 28, 2015 11:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring


Company culture is the one thing that makes an employer stand out in the crowd. It’s evident in the way the company behaves and in how they treat their employees, customers, investors and products. Coworking can also play a big role in creating company culture. Here’s how:


It Creates a Highly Collaborative Environment

In a typical office setting, employees are confined to offices or cubicles. In a coworking space, however, employees have the chance to work together in an open area, free of the confines of a typical corporate office. In this type of setting, employees can better collaborate and come up with new and innovative ideas.

Coworking spaces also allow employees to collaborate with professionals outside of the company. Be it through a simple tap on the shoulder to ask for an opinion or a 30-minute brainstorming session with a developer from another startup, having access to an outside perspective will help spark new ideas and solutions.


It Allows Employees to Bond

In a coworking space, employees get to know each other. They work together in a shared space on a regular basis. Ultimately, this creates a stronger sense of community and forges a bond between individuals. From big projects to everyday tasks, a coworking space opens the door for employees to find new ways to solve problems, brainstorm ideas and finish projects more efficiently.


It Boosts Productivity

It’s no big secret that coworking boosts productivity. According to Deskmag’s Global Coworking Survey, 71% of participants reported a boost in their creativity and 62% reported an improvement in their standard of work.


Productivity is contagious. When employees are surrounded by others who are hard at work creating, networking, or strategizing, it makes them more productive as well. Ultimately, this will have a positive effect on company culture by boosting the value of being productive, creative, and collaborative.


Image By: Cydcor