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Is Coworking Space Unavailable in the Suburbs?

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

is-coworking-space-unavailable-in-suburbs.jpgHere at the 580 Executive Center, we’ve been providing virtual office services for a while. We also have some for-rent office space, for clients who need a regular workplace. And although these are beneficial services, there’s a very specific type of client who doesn’t need either: telecommuters.

Because telecommuters don’t need a complete, working office and they certainly don’t need a full-time space. What they really need is a place like Starbucks; somewhere quiet, cool and comfortable where they can get some work done. These spaces do actually exist – they’re called coworking spaces, and they’re rising in popularity. And thanks to our brand new facility, there’s coworking space available right here in the suburbs.


  • Coworking space was made for the remote worker

Have you ever been working from home and been bombarded with distractions? Maybe your pets keep asking for attention, or your friends keep bothering you – you know, the ones that think “working from home” isn’t actually working. And if you have a family, well, that’s a never-ending source of distraction.

But coworking space is the haven you’ve been seeking. It’s a productive work space meant for busy professionals who just need a desk and somewhere to get some stuff done. Think of it as a local Starbucks, except everyone is working and there’s no teenagers milling about with nothing to do. We even have coffee! Our coworking space comes with a full espresso bar.


  • Sounds nice, but what if I need some privacy?

Oh, don’t worry – we’ve thought of that. We have two options available for you. The first are phone booths, and these are not old-school, Superman-transform-inside phone booths. These are luxurious, cushioned and completely private, so you can take every important business call.

And if you need to meet face-to-face with a client, we’ve got private offices available for your use. Looks like you’re out of excuses!


  • What’s the next step?

Download our free eBook now. And if you’re ready to learn more, then contact us today.


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