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Is Sharing Office Space Difficult?

Posted on May 27, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

580-blog_Is Sharing Office Space DifficultIf this isn’t your first visit to our blog, you know by now that we at 580 Executive Center consistently sing the praises of using co-working spaces (especially our own!). But admittedly, it’s not all paradise in co-working-land. Here are some ways in which you may find it difficult to work in a shared space.


Lack of Privacy


When you work in a traditional office, there’s a sort of a milestone that many people look forward to. It’s something of a sign of your level of accomplishment to have a private office with a door. Closing the door gives you the luxury of avoiding distractions, working in solitude, or even just making a phone call without everyone hearing your conversation. You generally won’t find that kind of privacy in a co-working space. But, how many people really have a truly private space, even in an old school office setup? Most employees spend their day in a space that’s more of a cubicle farm, with little to no privacy. If anything, we think you’ll find that a co-working space may even provide more privacy than you’re used to.


Lack of Interaction


This seems like almost the opposite of the point I just brought up, but it’s also a valid concern. In a more traditional office, everyone is a member of the same team (barring rivalries between different groups within the same company). You won’t find the same level of camaraderie when you’re in a shared space with freelancers and people who are employed by a different organization. However, among the perks in many co-working spaces are coffee bars and other areas in which you can relax with your neighbors and even socialize a bit.




No two people have quite the same style of working, and some of your neighbors in the co-working space may be a bit too loud in their daily activities for your taste. Or, you may make too much noise yourself, and they may find it distracting to work near you. Either way most co-working spaces have designated quiet zones. The noise problem is easily overcome simply by a cooperative attitude and good citizenship amongst the workers.


Lack of Meeting Space


You may be able to manage dealing with your neighbors, and even making phone calls, but what happens when you need to meet with a client? Sure, there are times when you can go to their location, but sooner or later, someone may be looking to meet you “in your office”. This could pose a serious problem if you choose a co-working space that doesn’t offer private space. Happily, conference rooms are among the amenities here at 580 Executive Center.


While there are challenges associated with sharing office space, it’s really not accurate to say that it’s more difficult than working in a traditional office. You might say that it’s a different set of challenges. If you choose the right co-working space, and maintain a good attitude, you’ll be able to work happily and productively there.

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