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Need a Change of Scenery from Your Home Office? Consider Co-Working

Posted on Jul 19, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Need a Change of Scenery from Your Home Office? Consider Co-Working | 580 Executive CenterWorking from home can be a dream come true. Before the pandemic in 2020, there were many people longing to work from home but doubting that it was a real possibility. When the pandemic sent most companies home, bosses and business owners found ways to make working from home a reality for positions that were traditionally in the office. It is amazing to have the flexibility to do your job from home. It can also be difficult to work in the same place that you live. There is always something that needs your attention at home and it can require significant willpower to resist those tasks and focus on work. And, there are times when you simply need a change in scenery in order to be effective. Getting set up with a co-working space can provide you with the change of scenery you need to jumpstart your productivity.

What is a co-working space?


A co-working space is a physical location that is set up as a professional workspace. It can include desks, tables, and other areas where you can sit and work. It is a professional environment which means it is quiet and clean so you can work without distractions. Other people have access to the space as well. There are some parts of the coworking space that are common areas and parts that can be reserved. The one you choose will depend on your budget and your needs. A co-working space can have a lot of members but not be crowded. This is because people can choose their own hours with remote work and may decide to use the co-working space outside of the ‘normal’ workday.


Who can benefit from a co-working space?


Anyone who can do some or all of their work remotely can benefit from a co-working space. If you can get your job done with a laptop and a reliable internet connection then you can use a co-working space. Some people do not have a separate home office or a physical office to go to when they need a change of scenery. There are even some people who have a dedicated office but still benefit from a change of scenery. A co-working space can provide you with a secondary work location at an affordable price.


How much does a co-working space cost?


A co-working space costs are significantly less than leasing a professional office space. At 580 Executive Center, for example, you can get a co-working package for less than $100 per month. If you only need to use the co-working space occasionally, you can get access to the space one day per week for only $50 per month. You can also get a customized package that meets your needs and fits within your budget.


A change of scenery can make all the difference when it comes to being productive at work. 580 Executive Center offers a number of co-working packages. Explore the options online to find one that is right for you and then get in touch with 580 Executive Center to get started.

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