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Who Has the Best Office Space in the East Bay?

Posted on Sep 24, 2014 12:00:00 PM by Ryan Ring

Who Has the Best Office Space in the East Bay? | 580 Executive Center 

Reaching “Just Right!” As told by Goldilocks

We all remember the story. Too hot, too, cold. Too big, too small. Too hard, too soft. When it comes to an office space search, amidst the options and/or limitations of a targeted market location, our inner Goldilocks yearns for “Just Right!” So who has the best office space in the East Bay? That may seem elusive, but a Bear or a Goldilocks knows “Just Right!” when she sees it.


Papa Bear: If you are a small start up business, a sole proprietor, or a global worker, an Executive Suite at a professional business center may be your “Just Right!” Executive suites offer fully furnished individual offices, high speed Internet, receptionist services, access to shared spaces such as break rooms, conference rooms, team rooms and business lounges at rates ranging from a base price plus a la cart, or an all inclusive price that lets a Papa Bear take a winter’s nap in his den without a care.


Mama Bear: If you can do most of your work from your home office, but don’t want the local bears knocking on your cottage door unexpectedly because your home address is all over the Internet Woods, then you want separation between personal life and professional life, and a Virtual Office may be your “Just Right!” With a virtual office, your cottage address stays private and your business address stays at a professional business center. Your mail and packages are sent there and you advertise your virtual office address for your business. No more wandering Goldilocks showing up at your door on a Saturday morning without warning.


Baby Bear: If you like collaborating with the other team members in your forest, then a Business Lounge is your “Just Right!” Memberships allow you to meet associates at a business lounge where the abundance of the wifi is only exceeded by the abundance of the caffeine. Reserve a private office for a few hours, or for the day. Reserve a team room or just quietly get your work done. The extended hours let you get things done even after a long day of foraging in the woods


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