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Why Coworking Is The Best Option For Bay Area Business Owners

Posted on Jun 25, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Why Coworking Is The Best Option For Bay Area Business Owners | 580 Executive Center


There are a lot of trends in the Bay Area business world. From sitting on an exercise ball to corporate “campuses” to viral marketing videos, the list is pretty much endless. Living in the Bay can be a great way to stumble on the latest innovations and trends that might end up being transformative for your business. One of the biggest trends that we’ve seen as of late has been coworking. Coworking has a found a perfect home in San Francisco and the surrounding area. 

When coworking took off around 2005, the bay area was actually one of the first North American regions to take to it, and it’s stuck around ever since.

With the vast amount of remote workers and small business owners, it’s no surprise that this trend has stuck around for more than a decade now. For a long time, these unconventional employees and entrepreneurs had nowhere to work, and would take to working from a laptop at a coffee shop, or from their own dining room table. While these options might work in a pinch, they’re not ideal for everyday work. The main issue with these places is the noise and distractions that they can provide. It’s hard to focus on reading an important document or typing up a presentation when every two seconds a barista is yelling out names of coffee-orderers. Even in your cozy little house, there are a ton of distractions. The distractions in your home can be as simple as “an extra hour of sleep” or daytime tv that you love to hate. Having a designated place where you work, and only work can do wonders for your motivation and help you get in and out of work mode more quickly.

Another great thing about coworking is the perks. A good coworking space will have everything you could possibly need to get an average day of work done. This means all the office supplies you might need, including pens, pencils and paper, as well as fast and consistent wifi. It also means the extra things that simply make it easier to get your work done, such as your morning coffee, or private phone booths where you can make your important calls.

Coworking spaces are made for all different types of work, because we know that no two days are quite the same when you’re a business owner. For the days when you need to bunker down and focus, we have secluded areas that are designated quiet zones. For days when you’re looking for a little inspiration, conversation or just a more open and creative vibe, we have an open seating area, where you can meet and talk to some of your coworking coworkers.

All of these facets of coworking come together to make a perfectly flexible, super bay-area-friendly sanctuary for the modern business person to get things done. If you’re looking for a new place to get some work done in a motivated and innovative environment, you definitely need to consider renting a coworking space.

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