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Coworking Space: The Future of Startups?

Mar 21, 2023 13:43:11 PM by

Do you work for a startup? Well, if you’re reading this, you’re probably in the Bay Area, so of course you do! That’s a slight exaggeration, but honestly, there are a lot of startups around here. Hopefully you’re working at the next Facebook, and not the next Pets.com.

Regardless of your company or its future prospects, you should consider coworking space. If you ask us, we think they’re the future of startups. Now, we’re a little biased – we happen to own and operate a fabulous coworking space (check it out!). But if you give me the next few paragraphs to explain why, I think you might agree.

  • Who needs an office, anyway?

What is the real purpose of an office? To get some work done? In the age of remote offices, people can get work done almost anywhere. So why would you pay so much money for dedicated office space? Wouldn’t you prefer to work in a place like Starbucks instead?

  • But you can’t sit in Starbucks all day…

You probably have to buy something, plus the baristas might not want you hanging around for six hours every day. So where would you work instead? Why not coworking space?

  • That’s not free…

OK, true. But at Starbucks, you’re going to get what you pay for – a never-ending parade of customers of all lifestyles, shapes, sizes and demeanors. What if a bunch of loud kids are in there after school? They’re not required to be quiet for your benefit, and your recourse is pretty limited. It’s a space you can’t control.

  • Good point. Go on…

With coworking space, everyone is in the room for the exact same reason you are: to get work done! Nobody is in there for socializing or other purposes. You’ll receive a dedicated work space, internet access and power outlets, and no one will be bothering you during your workday. Plus, if you feel the need for some socializing, we have our own espresso bar; perfect for taking that 2pm coffee break.

  • Sounds intriguing. Where can I learn more?

We have a video tour on YouTube, as well as more info on our website. And if you’re ready to get involved, just contact us today.