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How Coworking Saves You Money

Mar 21, 2023 13:43:01 PM by

One of the most difficult parts of owning or managing a small business is handling the finances. While you might technically be in charge and able to make all the decisions when it comes down to how your funds are spent, the responsibility can be hard to carry. Every choice needs to be researched and weighed against all the other options to make sure you’re getting the most for your dollar. Office space is no different. It’s another huge factor you’ll have to consider when you run a business. Coworking is a great option to consider. There are a few different ways that working out of a shared space can save you and your business money. In this blog we’ve listed a few of the factors that will save you money when you transition into a coworking space:


The first of these factors is probably the most obvious. Renting a full office space in a metropolitan area like the SF Bay is expensive. If you’re currently using this option, or have in the past you might found yourself sitting at your desk during your slow season feeling the dollars circle the drain. Maybe your business grew to the point where working from home just wasn’t cutting it anymore, so you got an office space because you didn’t know what else to do. Coworking spaces provide the perfect solution for those in between being too big to work from home and too small to need a full office suite. It’s much more cost efficient and you only use it when you need it so you’ll never have to feel like you’re wasting money on a space that’s not being used.


On top of rent, when you rent an office space, you’re also paying for utilities. Wifi, coffee and accessories for your electronics and presentation equipment all need to be purchased in order for you to complete your office. With coworking spaces, all of these things are included in one neat little package. Coffee is provided ( not just the typical office drip, espresso too!). Full speed wifi is available. Conference rooms are rentable and come with all the presentation equipment you’ll need to make the perfect pitch. Wouldn’t you love coming into work every day knowing the bills are all taken care of, and not even having to run to Starbucks when you need a refill on your latte?


When you’re on the search for an office suite, you’re looking for a place with affordable rent. This might mean you’re traveling an hour away from home to get to an office that fits your budget. With the lowered rental costs of a coworking space, you’re able to look closer to home and find a place that fits your business’ needs. With the rising gas prices, this those miles add up quickly, so working close to home can save you tons of money. Not to mention, you’ll spend way less time sitting in traffic. You can also check the public transit options, so you can save money and the environment every day on your way into work.