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I Bought a Virtual Office Address, but Want to Change it. Now What?

Mar 21, 2023 13:43:28 PM by

You decided to invest in a virtual address – great decision. Virtual addresses are a smart way to improve your business’ credibility, and are much better options for a small business then a PO Box. But now you’ve determined that you want to change that virtual address. So what do you do?


Changing a virtual address is very similar to moving into a new office; there is paperwork to fill out, changes to be made to company materials, etc. If you are ready to pick a new virtual address, here are the steps you should go through:


Step #1: Be 100 percent sure you want to change

It’s important to be totally sure you want to make a change, because it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. No one knows your business and its needs better than you, so this decision is yours to make, but be certain you want a change before engaging in such an ordeal.


One of the prime benefits of virtual addresses and virtual offices is that they require minimal commitment. So breaking away from your rental agreement shouldn’t be much of a challenge – the real work will come on your end.


Step #2: Determine what needs to be updated

Any important paperwork, contact information on websites and business cards will need to be changed, as well as any other materials that may have your current address. The last thing you want is for potential clients to be unable to contact you, or to send materials to the wrong address. You also want to ensure that you will receive any important packages or documents at your new virtual office.


Step #3: Decide on your new virtual address

If you no longer want to use your current virtual address, there has to be a good reason why. Whatever the issue(s), you need to make sure you know exactly what you didn’t like about the virtual office; that way, you can avoid the same situation in the next office.


Some things to consider when choosing a new virtual address:


-Location: The location of your virtual address has a lot to do with its cost. The more marquee the location, the more expensive it will be. Also consider your business’ needs. Are you in B2B sales and want to be near a lot of potential clients? A big city location may suit your needs best. If you just need a place to receive mail and have the occasional meeting, than a more suburban location will suit you just fine.


-Services available: There are certain things that come with almost all virtual offices, such as mail service and virtual receptionists. But different virtual office buildings have different offerings. Some can put a virtual assistant at your disposal, who performs the same duties as an administrative assistant. Others have additional amenities such as communal breakrooms, in case you end up doing work inside the building itself.


-Price: As mentioned above, this ties in heavily with location, but there are other factors that can determine price as well. If you want additional services aside from just the address, such as occasional office workspace, that will cost you, and the price increases the more you use the office. The size of the workspace also factors into the cost.