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Looking For Co-working Spaces In The Bay Area

Mar 21, 2023 13:43:04 PM by

The popularity of co-working spaces continues to grow more and more as the number of people who work remotely increases. The amount of people who spend some or all of their time working remotely is no longer a small, lucky few. Forty-three percent of employed Americans report working remotely at least part of the time. In a place the size of the Bay Area, these numbers mean that there is a large group of people that spend some or all of their working hours somewhere other than the office. For people who have never worked remotely the idea may conjure up images of working all day from the couch while simultaneously binge watching TV. The reality is that working remotely is still work and requires the same level of attention and effort as being in the office. In fact, working out of your home can be more difficult than having a dedicated place to go and work each day. Because of this, many remote workers are looking for an alternative that does not require a long commute but still provides a high quality work environment. If you are looking for this combination it is time to consider a co-working space. As you look for a co-working space you should consider your current needs, your future needs, and wants as you go through the decision making process.

Consider your current needs

As you start looking for co-working spaces in the Bay Area your current needs should be at the top of your list. When you look at a possible space take the square footage and layout into consideration. Is there enough room for you to work without feeling like you are right on top of the other people utilizing the space? Another important thing to consider is the work surfaces. Think about the type and size of desk or table you need to get your job done. Look for a co-working space that has a setup that fits your needs so you can get your work done quickly and effectively.

Consider your future needs

You should also consider your future needs as a part of your co-working space search. Look for a place that can adapt to your future needs. For example, there may come a time when you need to meet with a team or give a presentation to a group. Does your co-working space have conference or meeting rooms available? Another possibility is that your work becomes more intense and thus requires a more private setting to complete. Look into co-working spaces that offer executive suites or private offices if you anticipate growth in your position and responsibility.

Consider your wants

One of the most alluring things about working remotely at home is that you have all of your creature comforts readily available. The fridge and the coffee maker are close by and you are in a generally comfortable environment. These comforts are a big draw to many people who work remotely so you should consider them as you look for a co-working space. Home is often a comfortable place to work but it is also full of distractions. A top notch co-working space will provide you with many of these comforts without the distractions you often encounter at home.

As you look for a co-working space in the Bay Area that will meet and exceed your expectations, take a look at 580 Executive Center. At 580 Executive Center you will find a co-working space to meet your current needs, room to expand, and many of the comforts of home.