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3 Advantages Coworking Has Over Working From Home

Posted on Feb 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

coworkerss.jpgIf you just started a business, chances are you’re working from home to start out. This often seems like the most convenient option since, well, you’re already there. It probably doesn’t really make sense for you to rent out an entire office space for a business that you run by yourself, or with a few partners. However, working from home isn’t as ideal as it might sound. While rolling out of bed and checking your email over a bowl of cereal, still wearing your comfty PJ’s might seem like a dream to people who spend all day in a cubicle, it’s not a realistic picture of what working from home is really like. A coworking space is a great middle ground between a huge office space, and a laptop on your dining room table. There are some huge advantages coworking has over working from home, and some of them can be incredibly important to the path your company is headed on.


One of the best factors about coworking spaces is the networking opportunities. Working at home can be difficult when you’re in the middle of a big project that involves decision making. It can tend to feel slightly isolating since most people hold 9-5 jobs and don’t have time to “consult” with you over the phone. Networking is a great thing, not only for the sake of moving forward in the business world through your newfound connections, but it also gives you a bigger choice of sounding boards when it comes to the everyday decisions you make. Working from a coworking space provides you the opportunity to meet people in different fields of expertise. This is a phenomenal asset to have when you’re making choices about the future of your business.

Professional Meeting Spaces

One huge downside to working from home is the level of professionalism is severely lacking. This is usually fine, since you’re the only one “in the office” but what happens if you have someone you need to leave with a good impression? Any type of client, potential partner or especially investor will be expecting you to present your proposal in a professional environment, and your dining room table isn’t going to cut it (no matter how chic your decor is!). This leads us to another advantage coworking provides you: conference rooms. The conference rooms provided by any good coworking space can be rented out by the hour or by the day, and have several different options to make sure you book the space that best suits your needs. They also come with all the screens and equipment you need to make an impactful presentation.

Inspiration and Motivation

One of the biggest struggles with working from home is the lack of motivation and organization it can provide. It can be difficult to work in the same place where you lounge, eat, and sleep. While this might seem like a simple thing to overcome, you’ll notice the difference in your motivation the second you step into a coworking space. Not enough can be said for the inspiration that comes from being surrounded by professional and motivated people. Anyone who is at a coworking space is there to work, and people often get more work done when they’re in a space dedicated to that specific goal.

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