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4 Perks to Ask About When Touring A Coworking Space

Posted on Jul 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

4 Perks to Ask About When Touring A Coworking Space | 580 Executive Center
So you’ve decided to rent a coworking space and you’re looking around for the perfect one. Congratulations! You’re taking a proactive step towards improving your business and your personal motivation. If you were working at a coffee shop or from home before this, you know how difficult it can be to stay motivated and focused in those environments. As soon as you pick a new coworking space, you’ll have a designated place that you only go to to get work done. It might seem like an overstatement but having a specific place that you go to when you need to focus can actually do wonders for your business. When you step into your new office, your brain will start to switch into “work mode”. This has to do with cognitive pathways and training your brain to associate certain actions and spaces with work and productivity.

There are many perks that come with coworking spaces, and you should ask about them when you’re touring different locations. Here are a few standard benefits that you should make sure the coworking space you choose has available.

Coffee and Supplies

A coworking space shouldn’t just be an empty room with desks. It should provide everything you need to get work done on a typical day. This includes writing utensils, just in case your favorite pen dies on you in the middle of a life-changing idea. It also includes wifi, sufficient power outlets (in convenient spots) and coffee to get you going in the morning. Having everything you might need available is important because if you’re in the middle of something important you don’t want to have to get up, pack your things away, drive all the way to a store, and come back.

Conference Rooms

The goal of a coworking space is to offer remote employees or business owners everything that a typical office would offer. One of the things that you should definitely ask about is conference rooms. Any decent coworking space should have conference rooms available in case you have an important meeting or presentation coming up. Bringing potential investors, clients or partners into a professional space is important in making a good impression. Ask about the space’s conference room rental policy and prices so that you’re prepared if a last minute meeting comes up.

Specified Areas

One of the best things about coworking spaces is that they work for a variety of different types of workers, in many different industries. Due to the diversity of projects that are being worked on at any given moment in a coworking space, it’s important that there are designated quiet zones as well as more open areas where people can converse.

Mail Service

Since you’re going to be working out of this new coworking space, you should be able to receive mail for your business there. Ask about the policies and practices involved with listing your coworking space’s address as your business’ address. It’s important to know the guidelines before you request any mail there.

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