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5 Reasons Why Coworking Space is a Better Alternative

Posted on Jun 20, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

5-reasons-why-coworking-space-is-a-better-alternative.jpgYou know what’s a fun term? “Home office.” Because really, anywhere can be a home office. If you do your work from the living room couch with a laptop, then guess what: that’s your home office. Many news reporters like to sit in coffee shops to write their stories, especially when they’re always on the go – for them, a Starbucks is the home office.

But if you have a family, live in a busy area, or simply can’t concentrate at home, then you’re not going to get much work done at the house. And if that describes you, we highly recommend coworking space. Here are five reasons it’s better than the alternative:


1. Some Peace and Quiet

A coworking space is filled with other people, no doubt – but those people are also working. This isn’t a coworking space/party and entertaining room. We want you to be productive here, and we’ll take steps to ensure that happens.


2. A Chance to Get out of the House

Some of us can’t function well at home. We see a pile of laundry or stack of dishes and we get antsy. Or perhaps, as a I said, you have a family and some little rugrats running around. Wouldn’t you like a little break, at least to get some work done?


3. You Now Have a Place to Meet

Need to sit down with a client? We can take care of that. We have private offices available for meeting.


4. And a Quiet Place to Talk

We also have private phone booths, which are excellent for taking those important business calls. And these aren’t your grandpa’s phone booths – these are cushioned, private mini-rooms that won’t make you feel cramped or claustrophobic.


5. Take a Break and Grab an Espresso

There’s something about coffee shops that makes them good places to work – plus, people really love coffee. For these reasons and more, we have a full espresso bar at our coworking facility. So when that mid-day drowsiness is upon you, we’ll be ready to supply the caffeine to keep you going.


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