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Are Millennials the Only People You Will Find at a Coworking Space?

Posted on Jul 10, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

mil.jpgIn today’s work world, it’s easy to think that coworking spaces are a trend reserved only for millennials. The Y generation does seem to set the tone for so much, that it’s easy to see why someone a little older may not want to work in a place that may be full of young professionals, unseasoned, and a little wet behind the ears.


In truth, coworking spaces benefit employees of all ages. They are the perfect workplace for remote employees, temporary or contract employees, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and just about anyone who needs a desk to do work.


While many people you find in a coworking space will be under the age of 40, that doesn’t mean that they’re overrun with young professionals in their 20s.

What is a coworking space?


A coworking space is an office or office-type environment where people who are self-employed, own their own businesses or are working for different people share an office. Individuals who work in this coworking space tend to share equipment like fax machines, and sometimes end up working together, collaborating on mutually beneficial ideas. Coworking tends to bring together bright and creative people of all ages to share their knowledge and expertise.


Why are people choosing coworking spaces?


That question may have multiple answers depending on who you ask. A lot of workers, millennials or not, value working remotely, while saving money on rent and time on a commute.

Our coworking spaces are cheaper than renting an entire office. For a small month-to-month rental, you get a desk, free Wi-Fi, free parking, free coffee, and so much more. And as mentioned you don’t have to take out a long lease, because you can rent your coworking space on a monthly basis. This works out well for temporary employees as well as start-ups on a tight budget.


In addition to some seriously cheap rent, you’ll also find that having a professional office space to call your own comes in handy when trying to woo clients or investors. Imagine no more having to meet at the local coffee shop to work out proposals. Our coworking spaces come with a team room, or you can get a conference room for the day. And to add to your professionalism, you can even use our professional business address and mail service.


We hope we’ve cleared up the confusion about coworking spaces being only for millennials, because in reality, people of all ages find coworking spaces to be beneficial. When you rent a coworking space, who you find yourself working next to will depend on many factors, the location being one of them. If you’re ready to check out our coworking spaces near you, contact us today.

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