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Choosing A Co-working Space In The City Vs Suburbs

Posted on Oct 23, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

citysuburb.jpgCo-working spaces continue to grow in popularity. They are now available in the middle of most big cities and in the suburbs of many of those cities. If you are considering a co-working space for the times you work remotely you may be debating whether you should look for a space in the city or the suburbs. The answer depends on whether you need to be in the city, if there is a co-working space near your home, and what you can afford.

Do you need to be in the city?

There are some jobs that require you to be in the middle of the action. The center of the city is often considered to be more of a hub of activity than the suburbs. But, that higher level of activity comes with a number of complications. The streets and parking are more crowded, the real estate is more expensive, and there is more competition for just about everything in the city vs. the suburbs. Because of this you need to carefully consider whether you actually need to be in the city. If you spend a significant amount of time working remotely then you can minimize your time spent commuting to the city by using a co-working space in the suburbs.

Is there a co-working space near your home?

Working from home is an attractive option for many people who are tired of long commutes and crowded roads. But, many people have found that the reality of working from home is much more difficult than it sounds. It is difficult to create and maintain a separation between work life and home life when you do everything in the same space. This dilemma is one of the reasons co-working spaces continue to grow in popularity. But, even if you want to work somewhere other than home, you still want to stay as close to home as possible in order to minimize your commute. In order to get your work done outside the house and without a long commute you need to look for a co-working space near your home. If you live in the suburbs then it makes sense to choose a co-working space that is in the suburbs so you do not have to commute into the city in order to work remotely.      

Can you afford the co-working space you are considering?

It is common for the real estate in the hub of large cities to be more expensive than the real estate in the suburbs. This is partially because there is so much competition for space in the city. This fact impacts the cost of the co-working spaces you may be considering. The increased cost of just about everything in the city makes it very likely that co-working spaces in the city will be more expensive than a suburban co-working space. You need to consider the financial cost as you try to choose a co-working space in the city vs. suburbs.

A co-working space is a great option for anyone who works remotely part or all of the time. There are co-working spaces available in large metropolitan areas but also in the suburbs. In order to find the best space for you, consider where you need to be, what types of spaces are available, and the cost of the available spaces.

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