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Coworking Space in the East Bay Area

Mar 21, 2023 13:43:14 PM by

The Bay Area is the midst of a basketball renaissance thanks to the Warriors, but I do have one quibble with ABC’s NBA Finals coverage: do you guys know where Oracle Arena is? Because despite the constant shots of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, the Warriors play in the East Bay! Where are the video shots of Jack London Square?

The East Bay has come a long way in recent years, and there’s plenty of beauty to behold. In fact, the whole area has been trending up for a while now. It’s cool to live in the East Bay again. And if you’re a telecommuter on this side of the Bay Bridge, I’ve got an exciting new development to discuss with you. It’s coworking space – a trend that was designed specifically for the remote worker. And it’s available right here in Dublin.

  • This probably isn’t the Dublin you remember

I know it’s just a sign off of 580 for many folks, but Dublin is coming up in the world; we haven’t missed out on that East Bay revival. We’ve got good restaurants, we’ve got shopping, we’ve got golf courses – what are you missing? More congestion? I challenge you to find something in San Francisco you can’t get here.

  • Now listen to the benefits

Think of a coworking space as a big office, but without all of the distractions of the office environment. Plus, everyone else in the room is also working; this isn’t a space for socializing. You’ll be provided with dedicated desk space and high speed internet access. Additionally, if you do need to take a break, we have a full espresso bar available for that mid-afternoon caffeine fix.

I can already hear some of you out there – “but what if I need privacy?” We’ve thought of that. For important calls, we have private phone booths available. These are not old-school, boxy booths, either; they’re spacious and comfortable – and indoors! We can also provide private office space as needed, for those critical face-to-face meetings.

  • Ready to give it a shot?

You know what to do: contact us today. And if you’d like to learn more, please take a look around our website.