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How to Determine if You Can Do Your Job Remotely

Posted on Jan 27, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

How to Determine if You Can Do Your Job Remotely | 580 Executive CenterWorking remotely is a goal that many people want to reach. The idea of skipping the commute each day and getting straight to work is very appealing. Working remotely also comes with added flexibility in regard to your schedule and workload. That hour-long commute time could be used to get more work done or finish with work earlier in the day. No matter what reasons you have for wanting to work remotely, you have to first determine if it is possible with your current job.

Make a list of the tasks you complete daily

Start the process of determining if you can do your job remotely by making a list of the tasks you complete each day. You can get a basic list going right away by jotting down the things that must happen every single day. This may include things like filing reports, reaching out to clients, and sending emails. Once you have a general list started you can fill in the details throughout your day. Be as detailed as possible so you get a true picture of what you do each day. This will help you immensely as you try to determine if you can do those tasks remotely.


Look at what percentage of your work requires you to be in the office

Once you have a list of tasks you complete each day, you can look at which ones require you to be in the office. If none of the tasks you complete require that you be in the office then you have your answer – remote work is possible. However, if there are some elements of your job that require in-office work then you may have to get creative in your quest to work remotely. For some people this means that they work remotely some of the time and go into the office when needed. You can look at if it is possible to remove those tasks from your duties or restructure them so they can be completed remotely.


Give it a trial run

The final step in determining if your job can be done remotely is to give it a trial run. Take a day or week and try to work remotely. This will allow you to determine if there are elements of your job that you forgot to consider. You may be happy to discover that all aspects of your job can be completed remotely after your trial run.

Technology is used heavily in a wide range of industries. If your job relies heavily on technology then it is likely that you can do some or all of it remotely. When you are ready to look into your options for working remotely, schedule a time to tour 580 Executive Center.

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