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Is Coworking Space Less Expensive Than Renting Office Space?

Mar 21, 2023 13:43:14 PM by

These days, more and more people are becoming their own boss. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and salespeople are just some of the professionals that now regularly go into business for themselves. And when you’re on your own, it’s smart to have some office space available for professional use.

Whether you just need somewhere quiet to finish a project or require a professional meeting space, we can help you out. We’ve just opened an exciting new coworking space, which is meant for folks just like you: the busy professional who might occasionally need a desk or an office.

And before we go further, it IS less expensive to rent coworking space instead of office space. And now we’re going to tell you why it’s worth it:

  • What do you really get from office space?

What are the actual, tangible benefits? Privacy? Quiet? A professional setting? Well, what if I told you we could accomplish all of these with coworking space, for only a fraction of the cost?

  • Privacy

We’re not really worried about the privacy of our info, in most cases – we’re more concerned with personal privacy. We want our own space, so we can do some work. When you rent coworking space from us, you will have your own dedicated desk, complete with high speed internet access. It’s like being able to go to Starbucks whenever you want, and always being guaranteed a place to sit. We even have an espresso bar!

And if you need some privacy for a business call, we’ve got you covered. We have private phone booths available, and they look much nicer than they sound (you can see an example in this short intro video).

  • Quiet

Let’s be clear: this is a WORK space. We don’t rent these spaces for people to entertain guests or hang out. People are coming here to work, and while it may not be silent, it will be quiet enough for you to be productive. We’ll make sure of it.

  • A professional setting

This probably only matter if you’re meeting with clients, but what if you actually need to do that? Fear not, we can handle it. We have private offices available for your use, in case you need to meet face-to-face with someone.