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Sharing Office Space: A Trend for Millennials?

Posted on Dec 19, 2016 6:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

sharing-office-space.jpgTrends come and go. That’s what makes them trends. Fashion trends, food trends, even business trends. But what makes a trend stick around? What is a trend born out of being a byproduct of how things have changed? One of the answers may be co-working space.


  • What is a co-working space?


A co-working space is an office or office-type environment where people who are self-employed or working for different people share a workspace. Individuals who work in this co-working space tend to share equipment and ideas. Co-working brings together creative and smart people to share their knowledge and expertise.


  • Why this trend is one that’ll last


Co-working spaces are a by-product of how things have changed. While more work is done remotely and stored on a cloud, the typical office just isn’t a necessity for some anymore. Of course, there are some businesses that’ll always need a traditional office space, but for many small businesses and start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area, co-working spaces are the answer to their desires.


  • What our co-working spaces can offer you


Cheap rent: Our co-working spaces are less expensive than a regular office. Co-working spaces are also beneficial because they don’t lock you down into a long-term commitment like other office spaces.


Desk and table space: No more having to work in cramped quarters using a pillow for a table. Unless you want to. Our tables and workspaces are spacious and can be personalized to fit you.


Fast, reliable Internet: This is probably the most important thing to you. Our co-working spaces, executive suites, and conference rooms all come with reliable, high-speed Internet.


  • Other spaces we offer:


When you rent a co-working space, there may come time for you to need other offices as well.


Executive Suites: A variety of sizes, they come fully furnished with high-speed internet, use of break rooms, use of our lobby for you and your guests, a private, locked mailbox, coffee, and bagels on Friday.


Virtual Office: An excellent way to establish your presence in the Bay Area, without paying the high rent. You’ll have an office space, receptionist, office equipment and furniture, and a good business address.


Conference Rooms: You can choose your size and if you want to pay by the hour or the day. All rooms include a whiteboard and a Polycom phone.


When you’re ready to learn more, contact us.

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