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Should Your Startup Really Consider Hiring Interns?

Posted on May 25, 2015 11:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring


Many startups hire interns to help offload heavy workloads and bring new, fresh ideas to the company. But bringing in an intern isn’t always a win/win situation. There are quite a few pros and cons that need to be considered first.



  • Provides extra help around the office.
  •  Interns with specific skills can be brought in to add more value to the startup.
  • Cost-effective. Interns receive little to no pay, but they earn valuable work experience.



  • If the intern is earning college credit, a lot of paperwork is involved.
  • Interns may not be able to jump right into an employee’s role.
  • Hiring an intern will require the same stringent interviewing and training process you use to hire full-time employees.

If bringing in an intern makes sense for your startup, here are some tips on how to get them onboarded:


Connect with Local Colleges to Find Interns

Get in touch with the career centers of local colleges and universities to see if they offer internship programs. Through these programs, you can find interns with the specific skills you need, or someone who can offer general help around the office. 

Also, find out how many work hours are required for the intern to receive credit and ask about the initial paperwork you will need to fill out.


Be Clear About the Type of Internship Being Offered

No matter whether you’re looking for an intern to help out with social media, community outreach, or general tasks, be clear about the type of internship you’re offering.


Interview Interns Just as You Would New Employees

After receiving and reviewing intern applications, interview potential interns just as you would when hiring a new employee. In many cases, this will be the student’s first formal interview, so take the time to explain the process before the meeting.


Under the right circumstances, interns can be a cost effective way to help grow your business. If you have a startup, then we have some additional tips that will help you scale it up.


Image Source: reynermedia