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Virtual Office San Francisco Bay Area: 3 Addresses You Can Consider

Mar 21, 2023 13:43:24 PM by

If you work from home or own a start-up business in the San Francisco Bay Area, you might be considering investing in some office space. Not only will it add credibility to your business, it will also allow you to have a place to get organized and meet with employees or clients. But Bay Area leases are very pricey, even here on the fringes of the East Bay. Why not consider virtual office space? It allows you to have a part-time base of operations for your business, without having to worry about an expensive lease and all of the logistics of getting an office set up.


In the Bay Area, you have many virtual office options. Here are three virtual business addresses you can consider:


1. Financial District, San Francisco


The Financial District of San Francisco is the heart of commerce in the city by the bay and is chock full of businesses. If you’re in the B2B market, it’s an ideal location for finding potential clients. But keep in mind, San Francisco locations mean San Francisco prices – even though virtual office space is still much more affordable than a lease, you’re still going to pay a premium. San Francisco will have the most expensive rates of any Bay Area location.

Example: Regus Office space, 201 Mission, Suite 1200, San Francisco ($129-369)


2. Downtown, San Jose


Silicon Valley has rightly earned its reputation as the tech capital of the world, home to such giants as Adobe, Facebook, Google and HP. If your business deals in internet-based products or services, downtown San Jose would be an excellent place to call your part-time home. The rates are slightly more affordable than San Francisco, but still on the higher end.

Example: PBC Office space, 111 North Market Street, San Jose ($79-269)


3. Suburban Office Park, Dublin


Believe it or not, you can find virtual office space that provides everything you need right here in Dublin. If you don’t need to be right in the thick of a big city, why put yourself through the stress of having an office there? You’ll deal with less traffic and gridlock, and you’ll also get more bang for your buck: the prices in Dublin are much more palatable than the Bay Area’s big cities.

Example: 580 Executive Center, 11501 Dublin Blvd, Dublin ($49-299)