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What Are The Benefits Of Coworking Spaces Compared To Traditional Offices?

Posted on Mar 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

coworkvsoffice.jpgOne of the most exciting parts of being a working professional in 2018 is the fact that things are changing. There used to be so many rules about how a business should function that just don’t apply anymore. Even within the confines of a traditional industry such as law or accounting, people are starting to have the freedom to do certain things their own way, as long as the results follow. For example, there has been a big rise in standing or even treadmill desks in the last few years. Some people simply function better when they’re standing or moving, and even huge corporations are giving them the greenlight to adjust their office arrangements according to how they work best. Another example of this is actual work spaces. Especially with smaller businesses, we’re seeing a rise in non-traditional work spaces, such as coworking spaces. A coworking space is an open office environment that people from different companies use as their office. These spaces usually have several different areas, some designed for more quiet and private work, and some designed for networking with more open seating. Here are some reasons we’re seeing this trend become more popular as opposed to a traditional office environment.

Cost Effective

The most popular reason people choose to work from coworking spaces is probably the cost effectiveness. People are starting to realize that for some positions, renting out an entire office space is a waste of resources, since they don’t use it every single day. Even people who do work consistently from a rented office suite each Monday through Friday might not need it, if for example they don’t see clients every day. This can be a leech on your finances, and if there’s a better option, the smart business move would be to allocate those funds to something more important. There are different plans available to rent a spot in a coworking space, and they’re designed to save you and your business money.

All Inclusive

When you rent an office suite, you’re offered just that: an empty office space. You’ll have to fill it with furniture that is both functional and attractive. You’ll also need to get your own internet connection, water cooler, kitchen appliances, printers, and all the office supplies you might need. With a coworking space, you won’t have to worry about any of those things. Right when you walk into the coworking space, you’ll be ready to work. Everything is set up for you, especially a high speed internet connection. Just bring your laptop, cell phone, and you’re ready to go. We even provide an unlimited supply of espresso to keep you fueled throughout your day!


Networking Opportunities

One of the best perks of working from a coworking space is all the different types of people you can meet. As mentioned before, there are parts of coworking spaces that are more private, so if you’re in the middle of a project you won’t be bothered. However, if you choose to work from one of the open areas, you’ll see that there are so many opportunities to grow your business through your fellow coworkers. People you might not have ever had the chance to meet might sit right next to you and shake your hand. The people who work from coworking spaces have one thing in common: They’re serious about their business. This makes for a great scenario to build mutually beneficial working relationships.

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