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Where are Virtual Offices in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Posted on Nov 18, 2014 12:03:19 PM by Ryan Ring

where-are-virtual-office-san-francisco-bay-areaThe San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most vibrant and diverse places in the United States. Each community in the Bay Area is different, but most of them have one thing in common: they are a great place for a business.


If you have a small company or work from home, then maybe a full-time office isn’t the best option for you. We’ve talked about the benefits of having a virtual office, so you know what they are and why you should have one. The question now becomes, where?


Fortunately, you can find virtual office locations spread out across the Bay Area. Here are some examples:


San Francisco:

The city by the Bay is probably the most popular location for a virtual office, which makes sense, as San Francisco is the area’s most famous city. There are high-rises and downtown office buildings that offer virtual office locations, and the prestige of an address on Market Street can be an effective tool for wowing clients. But there are difficulties to consider as well: If you want to meet a client at your virtual office, both you and your client have to deal with parking, which can be a nightmare in San Francisco. And during the day, traffic in and out of the city can be troublesome.



In recent years, the affordability of Oakland (compared to San Francisco) has led to a revitalization and rise in popularity for the city affectionately referred to as “The Town.” Downtown Oakland is more vibrant than ever, with new restaurants and businesses that provide an attractive environment for a virtual office. In terms of arranging a meeting, parking in Oakland is easier than San Francisco, but there are still the typical challenges that come with a big city environment (traffic). And despite its surge in popularity, Oakland still carries a stigma of being an inferior city.


Greater East Bay:

If you’re looking for a Bay Area virtual office without the difficulties of an urban environment, there are many smaller cities in the East Bay that offer virtual offices. San Ramon is growing rapidly and is home to multiple businesses (including energy giant Chevron); the Pleasanton/Dublin area offers a calm suburban environment, while still providing top quality, professional office space.


No matter what your virtual office need may be, the San Francisco Bay Area is sure to meet it. From the bustling city to the peaceful suburbs, there’s a virtual office space for everyone.


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