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Do You Really Need a Dedicated Office?

Mar 21, 2023 13:43:11 PM by

Let’s be honest with each other: how often are you just “wasting time” at work? Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell your boss or anything. But the truth is, many folks tend to do some socializing or web surfing at work every day, because our minds can’t stay focused all day. You know what they say about all work and no play…

But follow me for a second here. If you’re not always using your office time productively, then you’re essentially wasting money. And even if you were insanely productive for 40 hours every week, what about the other 128 hours you’re not in the office?

In the past, there was no real alternative to this setup: professionals were expected to have offices. But today, there’s a great new option available: shared office space.

  • What is it?

Think of shared office space as a part-time office that you don’t own or lease – which means the price is only a fraction of what rent would cost.

You’ll always have dedicated office space whenever you come in. We have desks and tables available, to ensure you have somewhere to get things done. And when you’re done, simply pick up your belongings and go about your day.

  • So it’s like office space as you need it?

Exactly. There will still be a monthly cost, but as I mentioned, it will be far less than rent – especially in the expensive Bay Area.

  • But what if I need some privacy?

We’ve got your back. We have private phone booths available for those important business calls, and these aren’t old-school booths. These are more like cushioned booths you might find in a restaurant or lounge, with doors that close for private conversations. And if you need meeting space, we can provide it as necessary.

  • Sounds pretty good. How can I learn more?

Take a look around our website. And if you’re ready to explore what shared office space can do for you, please contact us.