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Transition Into Remote Work with the Help of a Coworking Space

Posted on Jun 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Transition Into Remote Work with the Help of a Coworking Space | 580 Executive CenterWorking remotely is a dream for many people. Having the ability to choose where and when you work can improve life balance, eliminate frustrating elements from your schedule, and allow you to live a life that more closely aligns with your goals. However, it is important to realize that the transition into working remotely can be a challenge. You can combat some of the most common challenges to working remotely with the help of a coworking space.


A professional space to work

One of the most common struggles that people face when they start working remotely is related to environment. Many people attempt to work from home but have a difficult time getting home to ‘feel’ like work. The physical transition of moving from the house to the office provided a signal that it was time to work. Without that physical transition, some people struggle. A coworking space can provide you with a professional space to work in that is not your house and is not the office. It can give you the additional flexibility you desire as well as a space that signals you that it is time to get back to work.


Options for different working styles/needs

Some coworking spaces offer several different areas to work. For example, 580 Executive Center has open coworking space, conference rooms, and executive suites available. You can choose the option that fits your current needs and change the option you use when your needs change. This flexibility in work space can help you ease out of a traditional office. The conference rooms will allow for team meetings or collaboration when needed. A private executive suite will allow you to meet with a client one-on-one if needed. Knowing that these different options are available can help you let go of the idea that you need to remain in a traditional office setting.


Amenities to make your time more pleasant

The best coworking spaces provide a number of amenities for the people who regularly use the space. These amenities include things like a gourmet coffee bar and comfortable break areas. You can also find coworking spaces that offer front desk, answering, and mail services. The available amenities of a top-notch coworking space can go a long way toward helping you transition out of a traditional office and into a remote work environment.

It can be difficult to transition out of a traditional work environment to remote work – even if working remotely is something you want deeply. The reality is that any type of change is hard. If you have always worked in a traditional setting, a coworking space may be the best way for you to leave the traditional office behind in favor of working remotely.

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